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I think everyone is in the grip of tv and such, me and my family feel so we will be turning of the tv and going a few days tv free. I know there are some people who don’t even own tvs but those of us who do and are activly on them are in a rut and trust me its terrible. No one wants to start summer break tired and lazy so we are wondering if the tv goes so will  our  funk.  I challenge you to try to go two days with no tv. This will just show if you and your family relies mainly on the tv to pass time and start conversations. While this seems ridiculous justhink about. Please leave comments below to tell how it  went or how its going. And remember if you need any advice just leave a comment.


EOG S= stress


Our end of grade tests have made me busy so that  is why I have not made any posts recently.  With so much going on I also haven’t had a chance to answer comments so I hope I can get to that soon. If you have any ideas on things you would like me to write about just leave a comment and I’ll try to do a post. Thank you for your support as this is a big leap for any one to put themselves out there. As said in the title these long tests can be stressful but like life we have to move on and try our best. As I sit here I am constantly thinking about what to write but find that the more I do that the more I am stumped. Lets just say I have to make this a habit.  Stange but true this does scare me. Everyone in my family is leaping out into the world and since I’m the yougnest I almost feel like I have to work extra hard to keep up. Lets face it sometimes being the youngest sounds fun but your more than likley going to watch older sibilings get things before you, A new bike, A phone, stay up late, get to go out with freinds. It seemed like even when we went to amusment parks I was too small to ride the rides. If your the oldest child in a family and your saying we have to wait too, I want to ask you if you had to see other sibilings go before you. I am sorry if this comes across mean like I said  I am stressed. If you have comments or questions I will try to get back to you.

A Sneak Peek At Whole Foods!!

Your Wilmington Whole foods!

Whole Foods was miraculous!!!!  Be sure to go to the opening on Wednesday. They have a new prepared food section that includes meals that feed a family of four and delectable delights for a person with a sweet tooth.  We sampled some of their food which includes sushi and delicious chicken salad as well as the “King Cheese “.Come to Whole Foods Wednesday for breakfast and to experience the bread breaking ceremony.  Their seafood section is fit to keep you and the environment safe. They ban all endangered species of fish from being sold in their markets and use no preservatives so you are always getting the freshest fish. Also if you love sushi you will definitely be living in heaven; their sushi is only made that morning and fit anyone’s tastes buds.  The staff is there in your best interest and is all about make you happier, healthier, or a better chef. They will recommend you food to cook and make it simple.  So be sure to go to your local Whole Foods, You will be impressed! When we left our tour we recived wonderful gift bags with a sample of wonderful products.

Whole Foods And Casual Fashion

heading out to whole foods private tour

I am going for a private tour at my local whole foods and want to just say some things about what to wear to these types of events.  If it is in the afternoon stay light and bright; or if it is evening go for a darker pallet.  However because it is a tour do not wear long evening dresses or suits. Make it easy to walk in but not sweatpants and a shirt look nice. Complete the look with shoes and accessories. I will be wearing Toms, Brown that is. While your thinking didn’t he just say if light keep light but there is an exception for shoes. Wear flats no high heels, if going with purse make it light and not a heavy bag. Also for men don’t carry around bulky wallets. While a little summer dress is my opinion on what to wear you can wear pants just not super short ones. I hope you find this information helpful if you ever guidance and more fashion info just leave comments below. But remember you look amazing no matter what you wear.

Copious: Adjective; full of thought

I am very full of thought. When I was in third grade I memorized all things Titanic. I feel very discontent though. While I have a lot of thoughts they seem to be becoming more and more just rattling facts. That is why I have started this blog, to share and learn and become back in sync with myself. I know you are thinking he’s just a kid; however I want to move away from that; kids can make a difference. I hope you enjoy and will follow my blog as I take an adventure well out of my comfort space. It’s time to say wake up Henry or as they say in my favorite musical Wicked it’s “Time to Defy Gravity”. This week I have the idea of posting about fashion so stay tuned for more posts:)


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