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EOG S= stress


Our end of grade tests have made me busy so that  is why I have not made any posts recently.  With so much going on I also haven’t had a chance to answer comments so I hope I can get to that soon. If you have any ideas on things you would like me to write about just leave a comment and I’ll try to do a post. Thank you for your support as this is a big leap for any one to put themselves out there. As said in the title these long tests can be stressful but like life we have to move on and try our best. As I sit here I am constantly thinking about what to write but find that the more I do that the more I am stumped. Lets just say I have to make this a habit.  Stange but true this does scare me. Everyone in my family is leaping out into the world and since I’m the yougnest I almost feel like I have to work extra hard to keep up. Lets face it sometimes being the youngest sounds fun but your more than likley going to watch older sibilings get things before you, A new bike, A phone, stay up late, get to go out with freinds. It seemed like even when we went to amusment parks I was too small to ride the rides. If your the oldest child in a family and your saying we have to wait too, I want to ask you if you had to see other sibilings go before you. I am sorry if this comes across mean like I said  I am stressed. If you have comments or questions I will try to get back to you.


Comments on: "EOG S= stress" (2)

  1. HAHA ur blog was in a magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol i decided to look it up for fun.
    Wait…i know u! I see u in the car line ur the brittish person!
    nice blog ( BTW is ur accent fake? just wondering!)

    ~ jessica saunders and Allie Pooley (jessica typed) upcoming 5th graders at ogden elementary 🙂

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