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Top 10 Copious Ideas I Had Before Breakfast

Top 10 copious ideas I had today before breakfast:

1) Buy swimwear fabric and make a swimmable mermaid tail

2)Create my own musical including everything from costumes, to directing, and even starring in the show

3)Study whales and sea turtles to be an expert at Marine Quest

4)Write a blog post

5)Play with my guinea pig

6)Water, weed, and plant my own garden

7)Get into a good book

8)Make awesome eye pillows to sell on my blog ($10 a pillow, for every $100 I will donate $20 to an organization called shot@life that takes the $20 and saves children’s lives)


9)Have an awesome day

10)Have FUN


Catch Up

My last post was about the stress of Tv and that is why I haven’t written lately is because of my technology freeze. I am very sorry for not writing and will get on track. School is almost over for me and I am kinda scared. This is the end of elementary school and on to something very new. In the next 1 and 1/2 days we have graduation and goodbye. It is a strange experience and I feel like I am breaking down but I am yet strangely excited. For me it is bitter-sweet for while I won’t miss some people I also have developed connections and am slightly sad to never see them again. But I have got to stop or else I will make myself cry so I have to breathe. I feel like I am catching up in my life but very quickly and lets just say I don’t feel ready. Does that sound premature to state it that way? Well I know some of you can’t read a chapter book so as always feel free to leave comments!

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