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More suspense from Witch Craft on Williams Street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Well here goes!” Sabrina slowly descended the cold metal winding staircase into the darkness.

“Charlotte”… there was no answer.

Once reaching an uneven stone floor she noticed a light coming from a partially opened door. When the creaky door opened she found Charlotte hunched over a book in front of a fire place.  By the light it provided as well as a few candles she seemed to be possessed and was talking in a sharp and strange language.

“Charlotte!” She didn’t answer.  At that same moment the flames seemed to create something and then it became dead quiet.




What happens next?   make your guess in the comments.


The Return Of My Copious Thoughts

Today I will share with you a segment of a book I have been writing.  A segment of this frightening but splendid tale will be published every Sunday so enjoy!


Chapter 1


The house was strange and not the most pleasant thing to be walking into. “It is the only place where we can practice in private”, Charlotte said.

“I don’t know”? Sabrina questioned.

Ignoring her doubts Charlotte said; “I have cleaned up the interior and it’s pretty nice for being built in 1875”.

“Can’t we just do witch craft in your kitchen?” asked Sabrina.  A storm was coming in and the wind was howling and Charlotte’s fishtail braid was swinging.

“NO, you have to have a place sealed off from prying spirits” Charlotte hissed. The house seemed to let out a groan.

“Oh great so now ghosts are involved, oh well”

Sabrina was about to open the door when Charlotte said “wait, there is a secret entrance” and by moving the broken porch swing she swung open a trap door and descended into the darkness. It was pouring now and Sabrina was soaked and all alone.

“Charlotte!” There was no answer just darkness.


Stay tuned for more exhilarating tales of “Witchcraft on Williams Street”………………………..

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