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heading out to whole foods private tour

I am going for a private tour at my local whole foods and want to just say some things about what to wear to these types of events.  If it is in the afternoon stay light and bright; or if it is evening go for a darker pallet.  However because it is a tour do not wear long evening dresses or suits. Make it easy to walk in but not sweatpants and a shirt look nice. Complete the look with shoes and accessories. I will be wearing Toms, Brown that is. While your thinking didn’t he just say if light keep light but there is an exception for shoes. Wear flats no high heels, if going with purse make it light and not a heavy bag. Also for men don’t carry around bulky wallets. While a little summer dress is my opinion on what to wear you can wear pants just not super short ones. I hope you find this information helpful if you ever guidance and more fashion info just leave comments below. But remember you look amazing no matter what you wear.


I am very full of thought. When I was in third grade I memorized all things Titanic. I feel very discontent though. While I have a lot of thoughts they seem to be becoming more and more just rattling facts. That is why I have started this blog, to share and learn and become back in sync with myself. I know you are thinking he’s just a kid; however I want to move away from that; kids can make a difference. I hope you enjoy and will follow my blog as I take an adventure well out of my comfort space. It’s time to say wake up Henry or as they say in my favorite musical Wicked it’s “Time to Defy Gravity”. This week I have the idea of posting about fashion so stay tuned for more posts:)


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